Creating In Clay

Welcome to Piddlin’ Pottery’s newest venture, Creating in Clay!  

Many of you have had the joy of glazing the platters, plates, figurines, and many other forms available in ready-made bisqueware at the PP studio, and are familiar with the fun, graphic, colorful results of this work. 

But did you know that we are now offering classes in the art of hand-building your own unique forms out of clay?  Now you can sign up for classes where you will learn the basic techniques of coil, pinch and slab clay construction, which, once learned, can be used to create an endless variety of forms!

My name is Melissa Euler, and I have been teaching beginning, intermediate and advanced high school students the art of ceramics for over 14 years.  One of my favorite aspects of teaching this medium is how students of all skill levels, even those who do not consider themselves to be “artsy”, are routinely surprised at how successful they are with it!  I have watched scores of students become deeply passionate about their work, delighted to discover their hidden creativity in three-dimensional work.  

Clay is a friendly material.  Its manipulative, plastic quality is fun and inviting. There's nothing intimidating about it, and people usually find working with clay relaxing.  I love helping beginners to learn the possibilities and the limits of the medium.  Seeing a vessel through from the wet clay stage, to the kiln-fired and hardened stage, until finally the finishing touch of glazing the piece, is a process that brings real joy and satisfaction!   

This blog will give you a little introduction to the wonderful medium of clay, and give you a glimpse into what we do in these classes…follow our blog, and better yet, come register for next semester’s class and join the fun!


Coming up:  What is Clay, Anyway?

                    What Happens in the Kiln?

                    Coiled Work

                    Slab Work

                    Pinch construction

Posted on December 14, 2014 and filed under Education.